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I believe in treating all people in a dignified and positive  manner that acknowledges them for the human beings they are regardless of the crime they have allegedly committed or the particular position they have taken in any specific case.

Regardless of the outcome of a case, my desire is that each individual appearing before me will walk away at the end of the matter with confidence and the belief that they were treated with dignity and respect.



The word commitment means doing what you said you would  do long after the spirit you said it in has left you. I am dedicated and committed to the causes and challenges we face. I am:

  • Committed to fulfilling the daily obligations of a District Court judge.
  • Committed to running an efficient court room.
  • Committed to being available to meet with attorney’s and staff.
  • Committed to holding court until the last matter of the day is heard.

The Guilford County court houses, which include High Point, services 14 different district court rooms on a daily basis.  Locally, each judge is assigned to any one of those courtrooms for a week or two each month and a rotating basis.  Judges are expected to serve in all district court rooms.



A judge should uphold the integrity and independence of the judiciary.  This requires a judge to participate in establishing, maintaining, enforcing, and personally observing appropriate standards of conduct in order to ensure that the integrity and independence of the judiciary be preserved. 

What makes our system fair is our Constitution.  As such, each litigant to every matter  deserves their day in court with the opportunity to be fully heard by presenting their case in a reasonable and dignified manner, whether the litigant is represented by an attorney or not.


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